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Motorcycle Battery

1). Type: LiFePO4 Battery for motorcycles
2). Lifespan: 5~10 Years
3). Life Cycle: 2000~5000 Times
4). Power Efficiency: 90%~95%
5). Self-discharge Rate: 1% per Year
6). Battery Management System: Yes, already built-in
7). Operating Temperature: -22°F~176°F
8). Acceptable Charging Voltage: DC 12V~14.6V



【Safe Battery】 Passed the Puncture Test (No Explosion, No Flame, Smoking Only) with internal BMS to prevent short circuit, overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, overvoltage and overheating


【Faster Cranking for Better Starts 】 Provides ultra high Cranking Amps 780 CCA for your motorcycle high performance. It is fully charged and activated, ready to use once delivered


【Wider Operating Temp.】 Work from -22°F to 176°F. Stability in high temperatures and remarkable performance in freezing cold winter weather, keep normal even after staying 24 hours in -18℃ freezing condition


【Higher Performance】 4 Times Lighter in weight | 4~10 Times Longer Life | 2 Times Higher Power Efficiency | Maintenance Free | Sealed No Spills | Extremely Lower Self-discharge | Resists Shocks & Vibration


【2 Years Warranty】 Free Replacement with Free Shipping in the first year of warranty period


【Born for Powersports Motorcycles】
Thanks to the significant product features of high performance safe lightweight maintenance free sealed and 95% Power Efficiency, this lithium ion battery is born for Powersports Motorcycles.


The Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery, LFP or LiFePO4 for short, one sort of lithium ion batteries, also known as Lithium Nano-phosphate battery, produced by A123 cell systems promises to provide a high performance rechargeable li-ion battery for use in powersports sport racing motorcycles, substantially lighter than NiCads and without the disadvantages of current LiPo technology (fire risk, short life, fragility, limited maximum charging rate).


Our motorcycle batteries are completely sealed with no liquid, the buyers never need to check or fill the water levels. The motorbike batteries are fully charged and activated, ready to use once delivered.


The lifepo4 battery can easily last for 5~10 years, which will lower the cost-of-ownership.


【Product Color】
We will randomly provide this motorcycle battery with Brown or Red exterior color, and the final product color depends on the latest inventory. Please contact us if you have non-negotiable demand on the color.


【Battery Size & Weight】
Please refer to the 2nd picture for dimensions and weight. There are 5 pictures at least to display the powersports battery from different angles.


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