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Best Off-Road Lights For 2023
All international brand off-road lights are manufactured in China. We can also assist global brand companies in designin...
 Cree LED Light Bar
Who make the best CREE LED light Bar ?

Answer : TrutecLED 
TrutecLED: New product category---Lithium Ion Battery
What is Li-ion battery?
Why choose Lithium Iron Batter?
How is it workable?
Curved light bars or Straight light bars, Which one is better?
Curved light bars or Straight light bars?

LED market in 2015 was not too bright
This is a news Jenny saw on November 30, 2015 by Mike Magee. And Jenny(Sales Executive of TrutecLED) state her opinion o...
TrutecLED High quality PC lens
PC with high transparency, light weight, impact resistance, noise, heat insulation, flame retardant, anti-aging, anti-ul...
How to Choose an LED Light Bar or Pod Mounting Location
Determining the perfect location to mount your new LED Light Bar or Pod(s) is based on many factors: budget, technical a...
Global Sources Consumer Electronics Showcoming soon ,  Welcome tovisit us !
展览名称(Exhibition):Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show
展览日期(Date):11-Oct-15 to 14-Oct-15
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