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7.5“ -Headlights
Product list                    
Model Number Description                    
Jeep Wrangler/36v 9-36v LED High Low Headlight            
Features& Benefits                    
Hi beam 37W,3700 Effective Lumens(four lights up 3700lm),low beam 30W at 2800lumens    . Available in a 9-36v DC configuration                    
. This is a high low beam configuration Available with your choice of chrome or black reflector                    
. Durable polycarbonate lens stands up to harsh environmental conditions        
. Rugged solid LEDs mean never having to replace another bulb again!            
. Die-cast aluminum bousing provides maximum protection                    
. 4pcs of 12W Cree LEDs               
General Specifications                    
Lens Material: Polycarbonate                    
Housing Material: Die-Cast Aluminum                    
Mounting: Replaces PAR56 headlights                    
Mating connector: AMP(#172615-2)                    
Color temperature: 6500-7000k                    
Anti-flicker wire harness  

    Technical Specifications            
    High Beam 3.10AMPS@12V DC            
    Low Beam 2.50AMPS@12V DC            
    High Beam 1.50AMPS@24V DC            
    Low Beam1.30AMPS@24V DC            
    Row Lumen Output:4800LM            
    Effective Lumen Output:3700LMs            
    Agricultural construction Forestry            
    Industrial Lawn&Garden Military            
    Off-Highway On-Highway Specialty Trucks            
    Utility Fire&Rescue Law Enforcement            
    Mining Recreational            
    Exactly fit for            
    1955-1983 Jeep Cj-5            
    1976-1986 Jeep Cj-7            
    1981-1985 Jeep CJ-8            
    1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler(TJ)            
    2007-2014 Jeep Wrangler(JK)            
    1992-2006 HummerH1            
    2003-2009 HummerH2            
    Harley Davidson motoycycle etc...
    Truck,off-road vehicle...
    "Mercesdes Benz G"
    other car with 7" round configuration

                                                                                                           6500K low beam
                                                                                                           6500K high beam
                                                                                                           4000K low beam
                                                                                                           4000 K high beam
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