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TrutecLED IP Rate:IP67/68
IP stands for ‘Ingress Protection’.
An IP number is used to specify the environmental protection of enclosures aroun...
Why TrutecLED choose CREE's LEDs?
There are many LEDs could be use in LED light bars and work lights. Why we use CREE? Choose CREE LED means we suffered t...
Christmas Sale
TrutecLED Christmas Sale season begin. From Dec.08th, 2015 to Dec.30th, 2015.
Frankfurt Shanghai 2015
On 2 December 2015, National Convention and Exhibition Center in Shanghai for the opening of the annual session of the S...
Refelctor and lens make different light effect.
Light emitted from an LED bulb requires a reflector in order to project the light from its source.
TrutecLED- Global Soucring Fair in HongKong
Trutec Auto Electronics Technology Co., Ltd was attended the Global Soucring Fair during April 11-14th at Hongkong.Our b...
LED bar Patterns
Spot light : A spot beam produces a cone of light in a narrow 8°-10°spread. The light is concentrate and long. This is...
How to Build a Light Bar for Your Truck
The first light bars for trucks were roll bars or grill guards that off-road race teams used to mount lights for night r...
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