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What is the beam standard for car headlight in Europe and USA ?
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What is the beam standard for car headlight in Europe and USA ?  

The beam pattern for car headlights should have a cut-off line to prevent glare for oncoming drivers. In Europe, the standard for car headlights is known as the ECE (Economic Commission for Europe) regulation 112, which specifies the technical requirements for headlamps on motor vehicles. The ECE regulation 112 sets standards for the light output, beam pattern, color, and alignment of car headlights, among other things. Compliance with these standards is required for all new vehicles sold in Europe.

In the USA, the standard for car headlights is set by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). The regulations require that headlights produce a specific pattern of light to avoid blinding oncoming drivers, with specific cutoff lines and maximum brightness limits. The headlights must also meet certain requirements for visibility and durability.

For the high and low beams of car headlights, there are different beam patterns that are suitable for different driving conditions and environments. The most common beam patterns for car headlights are:

Low beam: This is a focused beam pattern that illuminates the road ahead of the vehicle without blinding oncoming drivers. It is designed to provide a clear view of the road for the driver, while also minimizing glare for other drivers on the road.

High beam: This is a broader beam pattern that provides maximum illumination of the road ahead, including the sides of the road. It is used for driving in dark or poorly lit conditions, such as rural or mountainous areas with little ambient light.

Bi-xenon: This is a combination of low and high beam patterns in a single headlight unit, which switches between the two depending on the driving conditions. It is designed to provide both high and low beam illumination in a single unit, making it more convenient for the driver.

Adaptive headlights: These are headlights that adjust their beam pattern automatically based on the driving conditions, such as the speed of the vehicle, the angle of the steering wheel, and the ambient lighting conditions. They can provide better illumination and visibility in different driving situations.

Ultimately, the best beam pattern for a vehicle's headlights depends on the driving conditions and the driver's preferences. It is important to choose headlights with a suitable beam pattern for the type of driving you will be doing, and to ensure that they are adjusted correctly for optimal visibility and safety.

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